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A premium version with a “research-grade” high-quality primary mirror of Orion-Optics UK is installed, assuring top performance within 1/8-lambda on peak-to-valley wavefront and 1/50-lambda RMS. The individual certificate of interferometric test report is provided. 97% reflectivity “Hi-Lux” coating yields very clear and high-contrast images. Low-expansion “Suprax” (Schott, Germany) glass material. The total telescope weight is 200g lighter than the normal model. All the other mechanical features are the same.

ORION-OPTICS Research-Grade Zygo Interferometric Test Result Sample (Click to enlarge)


Clear Aperture 150mm
Focal Length 750mm
Focal Ratio F5
Central Obstruction 41mm
Obstruction Rate in Diameter 27.3%
Obstruction Rate in Area 7.45%
Max. Tube Diameter 190mm
Tube Length 640mm
Max. Dimension when knockdowned Secondary Cage + Primary Cell: 190mm x 190mm (250mm incl. focuser) x 105mm
Joint Bar: 380mm x 80mm x 25mm
Weight 2.8kg (Secondary Cage 0.72kg + Joint Bar 0.83kg + Primary Cell 1.25kg)
Focsuing Mechanism 2" Rotary Helical Focuser
Other Features *Primary & Secondary Collimation Functions
*3-angle Rotary & 3-step Back&Forth Fixing Function of Secondary Cage
*Baseplate to fit Photo Tipods & Telescope Mounts
(1/4-20 threads x 2 + 3/8-16 threads x 1)
Standard Accessories Metal Dustcover
2"/1.25" Eyepiece Adapter (w/M48 Filter Threads)
Interferometric Test Report of the Primay Mirror
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