Borg 89ED Rack & Pinion Focuser Set

Borg 89ED Rack & Pinion Focuser Set
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The Borg line of telescopes consists of a flexible and uniquely modular series of high quality refractors designed and manufactured in Japan.

Aperture 89mm ED
Focal length 600mm
F-ratio 6.7
Lens configuration 2 elements in 2 groups
Coating Fully multi-coated
Physical length 510mm
Tube diameter 80mm
Weight 2.0kg
Filter 82mm (front cap)
Parts included 2589, 7803, 7051, 7801, 9850 & 7504
Notes BORG rack & pinion focuser version. 2-inch opening & M57-thread.


The Borg System Design Philosophy

Portability is an important factor in the Borg system design philosophy. Scope tube diameters are no larger than absolutely required for the light cone, reducing tube weight (but without going to the point of sacrificing stiffness). Lighter scopes themselves make travel easier, but more significantly, they also translate to fewer counterweights and less flexure problems.

Borg tubes can also be disassembled down to short pieces, a convenience for packing, especially for airline trips. And optics, including the objective lenses, can be removed so that only the critical components need be hand-carried. (Removable optics have also proven to be a benefit in humid climates where optical components need to be stored in climate-controlled boxes to prevent mildew damage.)

Modular design is a strong point of the Borg system. This allows the use of many Borg components across several families of telescope sizes, thus reducing production costs and selling price to the user. This also means more system flexibility to the user.

Upgradability was another goal achieved by modularization. A Borg system can start small and be upgraded incrementally as needs change. Even objectives can be upgraded with minimal impact on the rest of the system.

Photo-visual design with no compromises was a primary concern of the system designer at Borg, an accomplished photographer with decades of experience. Borg scopes fully cover the 6x7 cm frame of the popular medium format Pentax 67 series cameras, and include photographer's extras such as a precise, indexed, lockable (two lockscrews) helical focuser and a full range of field flatteners and teleconverters. Also available are a full line of 35mm camera accessories and visual adapters.  

Wide accessory selection is another distinguishing feature of the Borg line. Adapters for virtually all popular accessories (1-1/4", 2", SCT, many 35mm and medium format cameras) are available.

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